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Don’t be confused by our name! In addition to providing quality lighting for churches, we’re also specialists in the design and implementation of effective church heating systems.
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We understand that the main reasons for heating a church are to protect the building and its contents from damp (and associated deterioration) and to keep its occupants warm and comfortable. However, we also know that you want much than this from whatever heating system you install. It must be reliable; it has to help you reduce energy costs; it should be as environmentally responsible as possible; and it has to be easily controlled in line with the activities of the church. For instance, while one church might require a daily consistent level of heat, another may need a more instant heating approach suited for intermittent weekly use.


At Church Lighting Systems, our experienced team of heating engineers will make an assessment of how your building is used and its current energy status. We’ll take account of historic considerations (such as Grade listing) and present you with the various options available, from ground source heating to electrical heating systems.


Whether you are looking to improve an existing system or have a completely new installation, we’ll use our knowledge and expertise to ensure all work is conducted with the utmost of respect for the church building and the people who use it. Alongside strict adherence to all building regulations, we always aim to minimise disruption, maintain an environmentally responsible approach to our work and ensure the installation has no adverse effects to the appearance of the church.


To provide a warm, dry and healthy environment for your congregation, while ensuring the most efficient levels of energy consumption for your building, contact us.

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